Used Cars Singapore

Used Cars Singapore

Singapore may be a small country on the Map but with an affluent population of over Five million people it has a buoyant Car market.

Due to the large proportion of high-end Right hand drive cars available and its Certificate of Entitlement scheme for car ownership, Singapore cars can in many cases be good value for export.

Singapore is one of the Largest exporters of Right hand drive cars worldwide with over 100,000 used cars a year leaving the country.

First things first. If you are looking to own a car in Singapore then you need to consult the Land and Transport Authority One Motoring Website which will give you the latest information on rules and regulations and most importantly bidding guidelines and Latest price estimates for certificates of entitlement.

The Certificate of Entitlement is a license required to own a car in Singapore. Introduced in 1990 by the government in an effort to keep a cap on cars on the road.  In most cases a COE will be more expensive than the actual car cost,  hence cars with an expired COE can be available for export at good prices.

For more information on the Workings of the COE then consult The Land transport Authority website or have a read of this Wikipedia article. Local Classifieds and Motoring Site OneShift publishes up to date COE Prices.

There is no Insurance register for crashed cars in Singapore so always check a car thoroughly and use a qualified panel beater if in any doubt. Most heavily crashed cars in Singapore do not get repaired but make sure you are covered.

A service book is not seen as such an important item in Singapore so your car may not have one. Authorised main dealers usually keep a database so even if the car you are going to purchase has no book you should be able to check with the dealer.

Any finance owing on a car will be on record with the Land transport Authority and you can find out when you are transferring ownership.

Okay so if you are looking to find advertised cars and prices the first place to look is with over Fifteen thousand cars regularly advertised it is the main player in Singaporean Car Classifieds. Their website Lists New and Used car dealers and includes a handy Motoring directory which lists anything motoring related in Singapore.

ST701 is a Singaporean Classified Directory its cars section CarsST701 has over Ten thousand classifieds listed at any one time. is a Singaporean New car review Website. Here you will find new car reviews but they also have a Classifieds section and Keep track of rising and falling sale prices for Makes and Models.

When I first visited Singapore Fifteen years ago to purchase cars I came across a lot of interesting Ideas in the car trade that I was able to use or modify for other markets.  One of the concepts that impressed me most was the Centralised car Marts.  Essentially the majority of Singaporean car dealers operate out of Multistory car parks or large shared car yards. This means buyers can browse thousands of cars in one day on the same premises.

Some of the best known car used yards are:

Auto Mobile MegaMart Six Floors of New and Used cars over sixty used car dealers and fifteen New car Suppliers. 61 Ubi Ave 2 Singapore 408898 Open 7 days.

Turf City Auto Emporium Over eighty used Car dealers operating out of the ground floor of the massive Turf city shopping Mall.   210 Turf Club Road , Singapore 287994 . Open 7 days.

WCEGA Car Mart: Over forty dealers operating indoors in the WGECA Plaza car park. 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, Singapore 658064. Open 7 days

Commonwealth Car Mall and Olds Motor Mart(leng Kee Mall No5) are located next to each other on Commonwealth Lane just off Commonwealth Drive. The car mart has thirty plus dealers, olds is smaller but still has about fifteen traders. 15 and 51 Commonwealth Lane, Singapore 149554.

Thomson Used Car Mart is Located at 81T Tagore road, Singapore 787502 and is a base for fifteen cars traders.

There are two Large New car Markets in Singapore:

UBI Car Belt is Located at Ubi road 4 Singapore, 408616 and is the Home of fifteen dealerships from Large Companies such as Cycle and Carriage and Borneo Motors

Leng Kee Motor Belt is a luxurious Development with over Thirty state of the art showrooms for high-end luxury manufacturers. Located on a large site on Alexandra road and Leng Kee street .