Car Auctions Usa

Car auctions USA

The USA is a big Country ……Because of this Most auctions run on a simulcast system were you buy solely online.

There is also a big export Market for LHD American cars so many dealers bid from Overseas. Cars closer to Port locations on the East coast in particular can make a premium over cars located in inland states. Many of the Larger US companies also operate centres in Canada and Mexico.

We will be adding a calculator to the site to give you an idea on worldwide shipping costs and extra costs that have to be factored into any exportation no matter where in the world. But for the moment you should look up any import costs with your local government office. The costs will be clearly outlined regarding tax and duty and you may find restrictions in your market for certain models or years. Many countries now impose restrictions based on the efficiency of a car so have placed a cap on CO2 levels. Again check this before you consider buying anything.

If you want to Check the general retail price of a car in the US then the biggest national cars for sale Site/Magazine is They usually have over One million cars advertised so you will find a good selection of models for the car you are after. As we always say , load up a selection of similar cars and try to find a median price that gives you an idea of the Market price.

If you want to get a professional opinion on a cars value then the car price Bible in the US is The Kelley Blue Book . Here you will find retail and Trade prices for New and Used American cars.  They also Provide New and used Car reviews and Motorcycle Price guides.

Auto auctions in America are represented by the NAAA that is the National Auto Auction Association.  If you want a full list of Participating Members and a list of upcoming Auctions and events then you should visit the  NAAA .

The NAAA has an Arbitration Policy which outlines what rights you have when buying from an American car Auction.

Manheim Auctions are probably the biggest Motor auction in the USA. They have 67 Auction Sites Nationwide with a further Four Sites in Canada (Montreal, Halifax, Toronto and Moncton). They also have a site in Puerto Rico. Manheims web address is but if trying to access from outside of the US you will be redirected to their Dedicated Export Service

If you are a dealer located outside of North America looking to export then you can register with Manheim and view stock online. They have a Multilingual staff and can help with transport to port and all paperwork to prepare your vehicle for export. Like most American Auto Auctions they also sell Motorcycles,Boats and Trucks with a specialist division for Salvage and breakers.

Another Large American Car Auction Group is ADESA They have 70 sites across the USA and Canada. They have physical auction sites.  A live-Online bidding system and also a buy it now available for certain cars. Adesa provide a monthly market newsletter with a breakdown of car prices by class and have a handy price checking tool on their website which provides information gathered from recent sales.

Adesa run Specialist Salvage and Insurance loss auctions as well.  They also run Boat , motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle sales.

If that’s not enough to start with then you can also have a look at Canadian company AutoExport. Based in Ontario, specialise in selling overseas and can organise transport and shipping inclusive of cost if you ask for a quote. They are known for selling damaged vehicles for parts so make sure you know what you are buying but they do have a section on their website for “clean Vehicles” which are ready to drive away.

The Strength of the Dollar has Made US cars harder to work in some markets but there are still lots of bargains to be had.