Used Report Q-U.

Market view by brand Q through U.  

Renault: The Twingo is a good little seller in the Renault sport versions. Both the 133 and 133 Cup version hold on to their value nicely. In the new shape clio, the 1.5 Dci continues to sell well. The 1.6 petrol is only wanted in Initiale Spec. Renault sport versions are always good news with the 200 and the Lux models, both particularly sought after in strong colours. Meganes are getting cheaper across the board and older cars are really sticking unless cheap. High spec 2.0 Dci‘s are a decent retail bet.  Pre 08 Lagunas are bargain bin items and a diesel one is a decent option if you are looking for a cheap car. The new model has been received a  bit better and has performed as well as any other car in its class. Used estates are particularly sought after. In the saloon the 2.0 Dci is the safest bet. Big petrol engine coupes have suffered the expected first 18 months savage depreciation, but are good value used and are a good seller. All petrol’s are struggling in the scenic range. The 1.5 Dci is a solid depreciator when bought used. In under 2 year old cars, a high spec 1.9 Dci goes well from showrooms. Despite a large range of models the Grand Scenic is still relatively rare and is a good seller across the board. Diesels are the best performers and you should get the 7 seats. The grand Espace is still a unique car in its field despite many new competitors and is a sought after bit of kit in normal and grand espace spec. The 2.0Dci is the best seller with the 175Bhp engines particularly good news.

Saab: Could well have gone belly up by the time you read this. I think they have just freed up 40 million of capital but in car manufacturer terms that barely covers the stationary. Of course this uncertainty should have no affect on the used market, but it does. In the 9-3 the cabrios are not the bulletproof performer they used to be but still have a decent following. The 1.9Tid is by far the best seller in saloon and estate. Low spec linear models are slow to sell. The 9-5 is not too much different, but with a lot of motorway mileage cars knocking about, retail cars are mileage sensitive.

Seat: The Ibiza is solid and economical in either petrol or diesel and remains one of the best performing cars in its class. The sporty Bocanegra model is a valuable rarity. Similarly the Leon holds its value well with the 140bhp 2.0Tdi being the best model. In the Altea sensible spec cars sell well, the 105bhp 1.9Tdi is the one to buy with an eye on long term depreciation. The Toledo is a bit of an oddity and is getting cheaper used. Aim for a higher spec diesel as the petrol’s are not attracting much interest. The Exeo is a cheap Audi A4 and has held its value pretty well so far. The Alhambra is a retail star, particularly in Auto, the 2.0Tdi Ecomotive is the best model. Old models are still solid in the 1.9Tdi and like their sister car the Ford Galaxy if you can find one without huge mileage then it is worth good money.

Skoda: The 1.9 Tdi Fabia is a good seller but that is a true statement of any V.A.G car that runs that unit. The 1.2 petrol is a decent selling cheap car and plain specs are fine. Estates extract a premium. Diesels are always good news in the Octavia but the newer 1.4Tsi petrol is also selling well. For a big lump the Superb has held on to its value well and newer cars are rock solid.

Subaru: Fresh Subaru’s sell best from Main dealers, where a good spec Legacy tourer will make solid money.  Impreza Prices are buoyed by the cache of WRX big brother and rarity. The WRX itself has grown a far stronger following now, than when first launched and is now a good seller. The STI Models make a good chunk over a standard WRX but are worth every penny and if you can you should.

Suzuki: The Swift holds its value well in a hard class, with the plain 1.3  5dr on the whole, possibly being the best value. The Little 3dr 1.6 Sport is funky looking and is a good seller. The Grand Vitara used to be the starter car for caravan club members but newer models have ramped up the luxury, build and price. Always has a following with petrol’s performing almost as well as diesels.

Toyota: Small Toyotas always sell well so the Aygo is no surprise. Yaris is similar news. In the petrol, comparatively the 1.0 does better than the 1.3. Long term the the 1.5 Diesel is holding its value best, 5drs are preferred and plain cars are harder to budge. TR and T-Sprit spec are the most sought after cars for retailers. The last of the corolla diesels are still sellers. The verso is good news with the 2.2 T- spirit being a rare retail car that is sought after. The Auris hasn’t performed as well as the corolla but still remains good news. The 1.6VVti petrol goes well and the 1.4 Diesel has improved in value this year, as people have realised it will travel to Rome on a tank of fuel. 5 doors are worth a bit more than 3drs and the scabby spec T2 is hardest to shift. The Prius is no fun to drive and its claimed mpg appears only achievable in a laboratory. Retail cars are very mileage sensitive with only low K cars making top money. Sales are also geographically sensitive with London cars making better prices. The Avensis is a major used bargain and a 4-6 year old car owned for a few years will continue to hold most of its value. The 1.8VVti petrol is as cheap to run as the Diesels. Older diesels without huge mileage are increasingly rare. The Rav 4 remains a desirable car with the 2.2 Diesels performing very well.  Autos are always worth an extra premium. The MR2 is a reliable alternative to the MX5,  buy one for about 5K and enjoy relatively cheap motoring. The Celica is getting on in years but a retail example still sells well. 180bhp T-sport model will make a large premium over Normal VVti.