Used Report M-P

Market view by brand M through P.  

Mazda: Anyone who’s driven the Mazda 2 1.4 Diesel will know they are painfully slow. They are also slow to sell, with the 1.6 Diesel Sport being the only consistently good seller. In the 3 model range, The 1.6 D is a steady seller with the Takara spec being popular. Bigger engine cars Like the MPS have actually strengthened in value as they have gotten older. The Mazda 5 suffers badly from depreciation in its maiden year, after that they are a steady if not spectacular performer. Diesels are saleable with the 143BHP model being the sensible bet. The Mazda 6 sells well in all models, although cars over 5 year old are now heading south. The Cavernous, budget burials estate is always sought after. The Almighty MX-5 is suffering the same fate as most soft tops, too much choice not enough demand. Older models are devaluing badly. The newer shape has held up because they were so expensive new, which has kept rarity value but this won’t last another year. Despite breakthroughs in reliability the rotary engine RX8 remains one of the only cars that sounds different every time you start it up. A major used bargain, only the limited Kuro, Evolve and PZ can be considered semi desirable.

Mercedes Benz: Fresh A-Classes remain a good seller particularly in the 180 Diesel. All models are very mileage sensitive. The B class has improved with time and rarity is keeping prices high. Sport Auto models are sought after and long term the newer Blue Efficiency models should hold up well. Pre 07 C class mercs are still good news in a 220CDi, Estates are always sought after. New shapes are mostly good news with sport autos, and some mild factory body styling preferred. The E class is up and down with so many models available. Newer model is starting to affect price but diesels continue to sell well. Auto only, manuals are being hit hard, Avantgard spec has edge over sport and elegance. There is limited demand for the CLS a big car with no interior space. Depreciation is sharp with mileage, and big engine petrol cars are dropping fast after 3 years. The SLK is a good performer and a steady depreciator but very mileage sensitive. Plain spec 200’s are as good a seller as the superior 350. In the S-Class the older shape S320Cdi is still a good seller. Low mile cars are now rare. The current model ML is still a mega performer, with no bargains to be had in genuine cars. Demand for old models is limited to high spec low mile diesels.

MG: If you own one it’s not going to be worth very much. If you are thinking of buying one it should be cheap. If you are thinking of buying a brand new one….really don’t.

Mini: Nowhere near as bulletproof as they used to be with the convertible in particular starting to stick. Cooper and Cooper S still the best residuals. Clubman models have performed well so far.

Mitsubishi: The Colt has continued to perform well in most models although the 1.3 is getting harder to sell on. The 1.5 Turbo is a bit rare and can do well. EVO’s in all forms are specialist territory only and the gulf between scruffers and mega history cars is vast.  In saying that, we have seen plenty of premium cars fall apart easily, so try and find a happy medium when buying and expect bills regardless. The Outlander holds its value well in a diesel, not so great in the 2.4 Mivec petrol. Shoguns have always had a following and an Elegance Auto DiD is always good news. Newer shapes have been kept strong through rarity.

Nissan: Micras devalued a bit harder than was expected in their first 2 years, but are a better prospect used. Plain 3dr’s and the 1.2 are harder to shift, as a better spec car is only a few hundred quid more expensive. The Note is holding better than the micra with facelifted diesels selling well. The Tekna spec is sought after. The Qashqai has been a superb seller in all models, with only the spartan spec Visia models beginning to be discounted. A lot of ex lease cars coming back to market must make an impression on the prices soon. The Z Coupe was a drastic depreciator in its first 2 years but they were available with massive discount if you shopped around. Right now they are holding their value well and older cars haven’t budged all year. In fresh cars the 313 is particularly wanted. A low mileage X-Trail is a rare thing and will fetch top retail money particularly with leather. Aventura and Columbia models are sought after. The Murano is a serious tool but depreciation is cruel and running costs mount up, a good option if you don’t do much mileage but shop around as they are a non seller.

Perodua: is about the cheapest car in the U.K so don’t be surprised when you see them cheap used. The Myvi has a market and can sell ok from the right premises.

Peugeot: 107 All models good. They were only about £6000 new and you will still give £3500 for a decent five year old which sums them up. The 1007 looks odd but the depreciation is straightforward bad, not terribly desirable in any guise. A two year old 206 1.4Hdi Diesel can be picked up for handy money and is a decent long term plan. The SW models have performed well with the 7 seat option helping them sell. A Similar tale for the 307 although they were a bit costlier new, so took a bit of an initial hit. The 307 Coupe Cabriolet, Like a lot of cars in this gimmick sector has suffered bad initial depreciation,  but has levelled off once it’s in the 6 to 8K bracket instead of 18. Like most small diesel pugs the 308 does well, with the 110bhp 1.6 HDi being preferred. The Estate SW model is a star performer. The 7 seats on this model were a more expensive option that on the 206 hence a 7 seat car will make a premium. 407 Diesels are a smooth alternative to vectras and mondeos. Companies were able to absorb the sharp initial depreciation but over 3 years old they have levelled out. Exec and sport spec are best news, a low mileage car is a rarity and estates are always wanted. The 607 like all big French cars was strictly for the wealthy when new but now sits firmly in the cheap flash sector and a high spec hdi will always sell in the 4 to 6K bracket. Compared to similar cars in its class the 807 has fared poorly, its dated looks are for specialist dealers only. Replacement 4007 is looking like a much stronger performer in the short and long term.

Proton: Fresh cars tend to stay within the Proton dealer network and when the odd one floats into the sales ring it is hammered by the trade. There are better options in the market.

Disclaimer: Our market snapshots are a compilation of the thoughts of several of our contributors. Our data is collated from figures received from auctions we have attended or from sales and purchase figures we have been party to. We occasionally provide example prices as an indicator only. In no way do we claim to be able to give 100% accurate data for the state of the market and our guides should be regarded as a work of informed opinion only.