UK Auction Results 20th-30th August

The number of people attending auctions at the moment is testament to the school holidays and hopefully normal service will resume next week. Low mileage retail stock continues to make over book, but sellers are being unrealistic with older stock and we are seeing a major recycling of unsold cars.Many popping up optimistically in various auction centres.

57  Mini cooper S Black chilli pack 1/2 leather 23K £9500.

08  BMW 330i Msport Coupe Auto 66K £11500.

08 Nissan Quashqai 2.0Dci Tekna 5dr 30K £11550.

09  Honda Civic Type R 30K Red £9700.

07  Nissan Note 1.4SE 5dr Red 20K £4125

56  Hyundai Coupe 2.0SE Red, black leather 31K £3200.

06 Toyota Yaris 1.0VVt-i T2 5dr Silver 47K £3425

07 Mini Cooper Cabrio Grey met black leather 6K £8100.

55  Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3Ltd Grey met, black leather 58K £4700.

06  Mini One Green 67K £4000.

55  Nissan 350Z Black , yellow(bright beige)Leather, Rays Alloys 32K £8950.

57  Fiat Panda 1.1 Active 5dr Blue met 25K £2700

07 Suzuki Swift 1.5GLX Grey 5dr 45K £3600

58  Honda Civic Type R 26K Red

57 Ford Ranger White 50 K £5200. Van spec no A/C ,

07  Mitsu L200 4Work(Van Spec) Grey met 50K no A/C £5750

57 Mitsu L200 4Work (Van Spec)White 12K £6800

07  Mitsu L200 Warrior Grey 25K £8000.

09  Mitsu L200 Warrior Black 31K £8950.

57  Nissan Navara “die hard”Grey 66K.

57  Nissan Navara Sport 94K £6900

53: Merc S350 38K £6200

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