Top 5 Tips : Selling your car on Ebay.


Five Things you should do to make selling a car on Ebay easier and more profitable.

(1) Provide a clear and accurate description. Seems like common sense but the amount of people who people who frame their listings as “2008 Audi for sale. Good car call Tony” Amazes me.  Tony here will be answering emails and taking phone calls for the rest of the week.  He will also have to do a load of viewings and his car will not meet its reserve. Take the time to provide all the detail you can. Think of questions you would like answered. The more info you provide the less time you will have to answer silly enquiries and the more you are encouraging genuine people to bid with confidence.

(2) Be Honest about a cars faults. I will stop reading your listing if you describe your car as mint…its not, it’s a used car and I value your honesty. I tend to list cars by giving a summary of the car in general, Then I highlight good points and then I make bidders aware of any faults or imperfections. Do this so you don’t waste your time and other people’s. Once the auction ends the money is not in the bank. If you have miss described your car then expect the buyer to walk away without completing the deal.

(3) Check your Model and Spec and any extras before you list your car. Dont presume that All GT models have the six speed gearbox that your car does,  that may have been a valuable extra. Look out for value adding extras like Leather seats, 7 seats, sat nav, climate control etc you may find your car may be the GT model but also had another £1500 worth of factory extras. Nice bonus for the buyer but may have cost you some interest from other bidders.

(4) Take some good quality pictures and try to show your car at its best, but also highlight the few faults you have listed. You can take pictures of your dirty car on your camera phone if you want, but if you want to sell give it a wash and drive it to a location where you can take some nice pictures that show the car well. No matter were you live there must be an open space or car park where you can take some decent pictures of your pride and joy.

(5) Take the time to list all the cars service records and old Mots you hold for the car by mileage and by date. This is an important set of documents that help to sell your car. Full service history can mean a car with 80000 miles has had 3 services at 25K ,38K  and 53K. Another 80000 mile car with full service history may have nine service stamps from the one garage with the last service being @78K which included new tyres and a cambelt. I know which car I value far higher than the other.

Okay follow these tips and make your ebay selling experience a succesful one.

Remember you sell on your terms. So specify in your listings whether you are available for test drives and what the method of payment will be. If you follow these guidelines and list your car honestly then people will bid with confidence from miles away without feeling the need to view the car.



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