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Maximise how much you get for your old car with our used car selling guides.

car selling guides


Selling your car is not an exact science but there are tips you can apply to make sure you dont give your car away and try to maximise your selling price.

We have guides on how to sell your car to the general public through classified ads:

Selling your car privately:

A lot of people are using eBay as a place to sell their car these days. Its not a bad place to dispose of a vehicle, but again there are ways to make sure your eBay motors listings gets seen and gets a response from the right people. Check out our guide:

Selling a car on eBay:

Looking to Part-Ex your car with a dealer ? Whatever way you want to phrase it you are selling your car to a dealer. They may have the car you want and they may be offering a competitive deal but theres no harm in trying to get the best deal available. Read our guide and be prepared before you even drive on to the forecourt:

Trading your car in:

And finally, Dont expect to sell your car unless you have prepared it for sale. In our guides we show you how to get all your paperwork and service history organised before you attempt to sell your car. Heres one other small guide that you really need to take a look at :

Clean cars sell:




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