Top 5 Tips:Part exchanging your car

A Car dealer is not providing a public service. They are not obliged to offer any set rate for your car and they are perfectly entitled to make a profit. Heres how the transaction works..

You are buying their car, they are buying your car.. Your Job is to sell your car to them.

(1) Give your car a wash and a vacuum. If you are serious get it valeted or give it a coat of wax. Why do this ? See how keen you would be on buying the dealers car if it wasnt looking smart and shiny on a forecourt. Imagine how interested in the car you would be if the boot was full of shopping and the car was coated in dirt and the rear view mirror had twelve magic tree air fresheners attached.

(2) Get all your Paperwork in order. If you have a book of service records,old mots and related bills then package them together in a folder to present to a dealer. You need the dealer to know that he is buying a much loved motor car with the paperwork to back it up. If a dealer is aware of how good your car is he may have an eye to retailing it to one of his customers rather than sending it to auction.

(3) Be aware of how much your car is worth. This wont take long use the Autotrader, ebay, motors etc and see what similiar cars are selling for. Dont be fooled by people who over value their car,  and

dont presume your car is worth the same as the one advertised by an Aston Martin dealer in London

. By the same virtue dont be discouraged by really cheaply advertised cars on mobile phone numbers. These are usually cheap for a reason, find a median price that your car should be making.

(4) Use the “we will buy your car for cash” type underwriters. Even if you dont sell your car to them you will get a solid offer for your vehicle. It will most probably fall short of your expectations but a concrete offer will at least give you a real price to work off. Shop around and use a few of these services.

(5) Ask the dealer for a straight cash price for his car. This will show you how he really values your car . If the straight price is very competitive you may want to fall back on one of the previous offers you have received or try your hand selling your car yourself.

Most important thing to remember is the real cost of buying a car is the cost to change

. If you are looking at a good car that is advertised competitively you cannot expect the dealer to match the trade in price offered to you by a dealer who was selling a similiar vehicle for two grand more. Remember you dont just go to a dealer to buy you go to sell as well. Make sure you present your car at its best and make the dealer aware that its a good car thats been well looked after.


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