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We are collectively, a group of new and used car buyers with a bit of added help from car salespeople,car traders and car Mechanics.

The Majority of our information is centred on the U.K car market but we also Have extensive Knowledge available to us For the Japanese used car market, and  European exporters .

Our UK Buyers attend auctions daily and report back, what they are seeing in the market. Our Japanese correspondent lives and runs his company in Japan and updates us regularly with how the Market is fairing out there.

We receive regular updates From Ireland, South and North. Also from Malta and Cyprus.

This Pool of information is meant to be useful to both the trade and the public. We don’t expose any thing new, just clarify best practice that is already in the public domain. Our buying and selling guides are here to help the man in the street save a few quid and are mostly a response to the surfeit of amateurish buying guides and plain misinformation which is currently available(usually at a cost)

Theres nothing for sale on this site.  All our advice is free,and just our informed opinion .I might link or mention some companies or services that I value because I think its to your benefit but nobody is paying me to plug their junk this site is 100% impartial.

I hope it helps save you some stress and money in the car dealing process.

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