Top 5 Tips:Lower your Insurance Costs

Five Things you can do to try and save some money on your car Insurance renewal.

(1) Use the online Aggregator websites. Its a little bit time consuming but worth the effort. Once you have filled in one you will be able to copy and paste your details into the others. We have had good results from but you can also try comparethemarket, moneysupermarket,go compare etc.

(2) Get quoted for Fully comp. Sounds like an anomaly but most Insurance companies want to insure fully comprehensive only so you may actually end up paying a premium when you try to save money by going third party only.

(3) Enter Accurate mileage. Dont round up mileage to a rough estimate. No need to say you are doing thirty thousand miles a years when the real figure is closer to twenty.

(4) Up your excess level. Obviously keep your excess at point that you are happy with but even changing your excess from £100 to £150 can make a big difference with some insurers.

(5) Consider you Job Title. Most important point here is dont lie about what you do for a living but most people could summarise their work role with a few different terms. You would be surprised what industries can be weighted against.

The joy of the compare all websites is you can enter your information and get quotes. Then make small changes and re-submit. There are some companies such as Aviva and Directline that do not participate on these sites and they may be worth a call. Finally if you have specialist needs or feel you need to discuss a bespoke policy its always good to pick up the phone. If your current insurance company is offering you a poor deal but you would like to stay with them then ring them up and explain that while you are happy to renew they are more expensive than their competitors. If they want to keep the business they will sharpen their pencil.

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