Top 5 Tips:Buying a car from a Broker

The customer that will benefit most from a new car brokering service is the cash buyer who is ready to move on a deal today. You can still use brokers if you have a part ex to clear but it complicates the matter. We will cover how to get rid of you old car in another tip section but for now these tips are for people in a position to buy a car straight.

(1) Do your research and know exactly what make,  model and spec grade the car you want is.  Spec levels and options can get confusing so be clear about what you must have and what you are prepared to live without.

(2) Be certain of how flexible you are prepared to be on Spec, Colour and waiting time. No need to be wishy washy on this, If you are only after the GLX-i Model with Sat Nav and Climate control and will only take it in Meridien Black Metallic and must have the car delivered within three weeks then you are a different customer to the one who would prefer the GLX-i model but is open to suggestion on options and colour if the price is right.

(3) Know exactly what the car should cost. Using your exact spec find out the Manufacturers on the road price. Then look around to see what level of discount is the norm. Try What Car magazines price check and also look at Autoebids Target price which will show you actual recent prices that have been acheived for customers.

(4) Ring Dealers direct first(or send a blanket e-mail) The main dealer should be more expensive than a broker but whos to say they dont have a cancelled order about to be delivered or they need to sell another two of the car you want to buy before the end of the month to reach their quota. For a few minutes work its worth trying.

(5) Contact as many brokers as possible and let them fight for your business. I wont list any companies here but five minutes on a search engine and another five in the yellow pages will find you plenty of brokers. You would think there is one big pool of cars that we work out of but different brokers have different suppliers.  Make sure you employ them all.

Okay theres your Five tips let me just wrap up by saying. The customer that gets the best deal is the one who is most flexible. If you want to buy an Insignia but a broker can ofer you a mega deal on a Mondeo then you are in pole position. If you dont mind waiting a bit and colour is within reason not the clincher then you should be getting a decent deal as well.

You dont pay Brokers any up front fees if they can get you the deal you want and you are willing to proceed then its time to make a payment. I am all for contacting as many dealers and brokers as possible, if you dont want to do this then send them an email. If you are trying to avoid spam take five minutes to set up a hotmail-gmail-yahoo email account to be used solely for the project.


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