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Car Auctions are not exactly places for non motoring Professionals. They are of course open to the public and you are welcome to go and try your luck. However with the time involved, auction fees to be paid and lack of specific choice(lots of stock but maybe not your exact colour and extra options fitted) we can honestly say that most of the time you are as well off dealing with a Motor dealer who will offer you a Part-ex and warranty options, finance etc for similar money.

There are of course exceptions and for certain cars and certain individuals, auctions might just work fine. Before you do decide to throw your hat into the ring though, you need to have a read through our guides to car auctions. The main Auctions in the UK are British Car Auctions and Manheim Remarketing but our information is valid for any auction.

If you are looking for car auctions around the world then make sure to use our Worldwide section where we hope to list Auction and car buying sources around the Globe

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