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Tuesday 10th May

Nottingham , Good sale lots selling a few bargains

08(57)Audi A4 1.9tdi se Black 62K £7050

09(09)VW Tiguan 2.0Tdi 140 Sportmotion Silver-black leather 32K £16450

09(09)Seat Ibiza 1.4Se 5dr Blue 15K £6100

08(08)VW Polo 1.2Match(70) 3dr Black 33K £4800

07(57)Audi A6 2.0Tdi SLine grey-black leather 125K £8100

06(56)Audi A4 1.9Tdi 115Se Black 116K £5100

08(58)VW Touran 2.0Tdi 140SE Silver 30K £11,100

09(59)Audi A6 2.0Tdi 140SE Blue-grey leather 25K £15,100

08(08)Audi A3 1.4T Fsi SE Black 5dr sportback 51K £7700

Much slower day in London with a lot of provisionals in Paddock Wood some sellers were

10(10)Mondeo 2.2Tdci 175 Titanium X Black 17K £15,100

05(05)BMW 116SE Silver 38K £6150

06(56)Toyota Prius T-Spirit Black 46K £7600

08(08)Nissan Quashqai 2.0Tekna Auto Black 41K £10,600

And thats about all for tuesday .


Monday 9th may:

Found myself in Birmingham and as has been the norm recently prices where high and generally over book. Surprised to find a lot of cars not selling and only going to provisional

Some examples :

58 plate VW Jetta 1.9tdi pds blue met 41K £7650

07 corsa 1.0 life 5dr in gold done 38K £3650

2010(10)Audi a3 Sportback 2.0Tdi 140sport done only 6K made £15,000

08(57) Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi sport 5dr silver 38K  £4600

07(07) Bmw 318Dse silver with leather 80K leggy but nice £7600

08(08 A4 tdi se 143se in black with 1/2leather nice car good history 91K stll decent value at £10000

Fancied a go at a 2008 X5 3.0Dse in Silver done 78K but only went provisional at £20,000

Few other cars on my list but all provisional so not worth mentioning slow start to the week.



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